• Ever thought about revamping your bathroom so it resembles a spa? Calming colour choices. Good for the soul!

    Posted: 1 April 2014 by Sofia Charalambous

    Niki Schafer, Speaker, Author and Interior Designer gives her advice on designing your personal spa space.

  • Sofia's Top Eleven Tips for a Better Bathroom Showroom in 2014

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    Times are tough, so the question is...what can you do to fight back? It’s time to look outside the ‘bathroom bubble’ for answers and I’d like to share 11 great tips to help you make your showroom a compelling customer experience.

  • Toilet Humour

    Posted: 18 December 2013 by Sofia Charalambous

    Sofia Charalambous of Bathroom Origins looks to bring some festive cheer to the industry by sharing some of her favourite toilet-based jokes - See more at:

  • The time to tap into inclusive design bathrooms has arrived

    Posted: 19 November 2013 by Sofia Charalambous

    There are around 10 million over 65s in the UK. These people are living longer than ever before, and there are changing needs to be met. This is having a major impact on bathroom design and creating a huge opportunity for bathroom retailers. - See more at: